Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the best dancer

kpop idols aren't just singing, they also dancing. and now time for me to write about the best dancer of each group

DBSK - Yunho

he's the best dancer in DBSK and also in SME i think. he's appeared on Tribute to Michael Jackson Concert and amazed the audience. he also expected to attend Michael Jackson's Tribute Concert at London and be the only Asian artist on the show, he's an Korean pride. here is Yunho in Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Yunho at Michael Jackson's Tribute Concert

After School - Park Gahee

best dancer in After School and also best dancer of all girl idol in kpop industries. with her beauty face and gorgeous body, how can you're not be a fan of her. here is a video of gahee's dance

2PM - Park Jaebum

the leader an dancer for 2PM, he's the best when it come to dance and b-boy-ing. from his delicious chocolate abs, powerfull dance moves, until when he ripped his shirt, watch out you can drop your jaws. here is Jaebum's dance

Brown Eyed Girls - GaIn

maknae of Brown Eyed Girl stole the attention when she dance. she's definitely sexy when she moves her body. just see Abracadabra dance version , and you will know how hot she is.

Super Junior - Eunhyuk

also 1 of the best dancer in SME, i think he's the 2nd after Yunho from DBSK. maybe he act dorky everytime, but when he dance he change into the coolest dance machine. here is eunhyuk's dance

2NE1 - Minzy

maknae of 2NE1, he dance really amazingly powerful, she's best when dance with hip-hop music. here is minzy dancing with boom boom pow

SHINee - Taemin

another maknae, he's the main dancer in shinee and also one of the best dancer in SME. he's such an amazing dancer, and he's still 17 now. here is Taemin's dance.

SNSD - Hyoyeon

maybe she's not that pretty compared to another members, but she really beats them all with her dance. hyoyeon's dance

Bigbang - Taeyang

he's really amazing, from his voice until his dance. he dance really well with his slant hat trade mark. here is taeyang's dance

KARA - Nicole

she's cute off stage but transform into the hottie on stage. here is nicole dancing.

nicole performing lupin

f(x) - Victoria

she's so damn flexible! before debut as f(x) she's dancing with rain in samsung anycall commercial, here is a dance cut.

4Minutes - Hyuna

who doesn't know hyuna the former of wonder girls, and now she's re-debut with 4minutes. she's the dance machine with her holy legging trade mark. here is a video when hyuna still in wonder girls, hyuna's dance.

that's all about the dancer, i'll be back with another interesting topic ~chaw


  1. U missed 2 persons; Rain and Se7en...They are GREAT!!!